Kiyana Wraps creations are the epitome of effortless elegance. We make beautiful turbans that don't follow trend but concentrate on quality and inimitable aesthetic. 'Kiyana' means 'beautiful' in Swahili (one of our mother tongues). We want women to exude beauty and feel beautiful wearing our turbans.  From heritage styles to signature designs, find a riot of paintbox-bright shades and strong colour palettes that are utterly irresistible. 


The construction of a turban by hand is drastically different to that of a machine. Great skill and grace can be found in the exquisite needlework of our turbans, such as that of couture garments with minuscule stitches emulating period pieces.

Architectural structure and soft lines are constructed using authentic African methods of head-wrapping learnt from our mothers. Combined with a blend of contemporary aesthetic, we're able to create something new, something innovative and something that people will appreciate incredibly. 

I have received my beautiful turban, I really really love it!!!! Awesome!! Thank you! It suits me great! Best wishes.
— Maria C. A., Southampton, UK


Whimsical fantasies of secret escapes sailing on the Congo river. Of filtered beauty into dense tropical rainforest chasing waterfalls through uncharted territories. Perfume bottles and artisan-blown glass, African folklore tales and lost kingdoms, nature, people's histories; to name a few.

Our turbans can take 5-20 hours to make depending on the message we're conveying. Each headdress is an exploration around the Woman , and the Woman simultaneously around the headdress. As such, we don't just make turbans; we make stories.

Beyond the admittedly glorious creative streak for which we are known, each piece is a unique celebration of artistry and ancestry.

 Congolese heritage. Made in England