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About Kiyana Wraps

Kiyana Wraps is a premium label offering modern turbans to the modern woman. Our range consists of turbans, hair wraps and headwear that triumphs the power of women. Pronounced ‘Kee-ya-nah’ meaning ‘Beautiful’ in Swahili, we curate beautiful selections of headscarves  drawing inspiration from different mediums within the arts, culture and heritage, to truly take you on a journey of self-discovery. The result is a melange of contemporary choices that will make you explore the more creative side of yourself. Our collections of turbans and headwear are magic pieces that will energise your spirit, empower you and help you feel regal. Made in our London Studio.

Our Philosophy

At Kiyana Wraps we seek to push dignity and grace upon our timeless designs in order for the women who purchase our headdresses and hair wraps to reclaim a part of themselves. Our philosophy is to strive against any falsity and pretension, both in what we say and what we make. Overall it is our goal to build a brand that is synonymous with quality and design. To be fierce-full and universal in our approach, with integrity, discipline and dedication.


Madeleine Laini, Creative Director & Founder

Our Story

Kiyana Wraps is an idea born in 2011, out of a desire to give the head wrap a space within the headwear category. Driven by personal style and desire to re-introduce the age-old head-wrapping technique adorned by African women to a new audience, Madeleine Laini, founder of Kiyana Wraps, took on the copious task to share with other women the skill she learned as a young girl, while observing her aunties and mother tie brilliant fabric headdresses onto their heads when getting ready for outings, parties and church. This affinity to beautifying one-self through draping and manipulating fabrics onto one’s head in order to achieve elegant patterns that are intricate, original and fresh, has developed into what the brand Kiyana Wraps is today. Laini’s introduction to hat-making came under the watchful eye of master milliner Noel Stewart – who has created catwalk hats for Mulberry, Erdem, as well as  Queen Elizabeth II, by embarking on a millinery course at Kensington and Chelsea College. More self-taught and intuitive, she continues to develop and learn millinery techniques to further her knowledge of hat construction in which she infuses authentic African head-wrapping methods. Experimenting with textiles, structures, to create a distinctive DNA of unique turbans and headscarf designs to help women express their own identity and style. A love letter to the women who helped shape her identity, her Congolese ancestry and the long thread of turbanistas who have graced the earth through the ages.

Our Inspiration

Whimsical fantasies of secret escapes sailing on the Congo river. Of filtered beauty into dense tropical rainforest chasing waterfalls through uncharted territories. Perfume bottles and artisan-blown glass, African folklore tales and lost kingdoms, nature, people’s histories; to name a few. The construction of each turban is made by hand with minuscule stitches emulating period pieces. Each headdress is an exploration around the Woman , and the Woman simultaneously around the headdress. As such, we don’t just make turbans, we make stories. Beyond the admittedly glorious creative streak for which we are known, each piece is a unique celebration of artistry and ancestry, and the happiness something handmade can bring.

Of Congolese heritage. Made in England

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