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‘Mawazo’, meaning ‘{deepest} thoughts’ in the Swahili language, is Kiyana Wraps’ first headwear collection. An ode to Congolese heritage, a journey of self-exploration, uncovering a history lost and found. It boasts a combination of cherry-berry infused palettes, pockets of earthy green and blue tones blended with confidence.

The resultant turban and headband collection is feminine. Utilising fluid fabrics, African wax cotton prints, hand-embellished Swarovski crystals and feathers, Mawazo is simultaneously classic and elegant, with hidden complexities. The mix of architectural design and delicate wrapping juxtaposes the masculine with the feminine to offer an edgy turn to the collection. All in all, a perfect fusion of might and fragility; reflecting the strength and sensuality of the modern woman, true to our DNA.