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Emily Somer’s Magic

Emily Somers ‘light bulb moment’ came in 2016 after her second stint with cancer. Frustrated with the lack of contemporary headwear options while recovering, she was inspired to start her brand Bravery Co to help women in the exact same position find beautiful headscarves as a solution to the discomforts felt when wearing wigs (itchy scalp, tightness, over heating) for prolonged periods. Her talent for designing and curating exuberant scarves for cancer warriors – a term she proudly denotes – seems to be instinctively, and unexpectedly empowering. Emily’s on a mission to make Bravery Co an Australian brand that is known for its signature big, bold, and colorful prints that can be worn by anyone, whether they have cancer or not. It’s a proven fact that spending time on your personal presentation can be a valuable psychological boost when faced with uncertainty.

A true champion to cancer warriors and of renewed spirit, Emily,  a former Art Director  is welcoming in her approach. Following the pandemic, she shares how she has reacquainting herself with life, when our collective outlook and work habits have completely shifted.

My Wrap, My Style aims to inspire and encourage women to find infinite possibilities to feel empowered, while asking the most pertinent question: “What Does The Wrap Represent To You?”

Photograph: Haydn Cattach

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Discover Bravery Co: www.braveryco.com.au

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