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Glowing Possibilities

Rose Migeotte is a fashion buyer, store manager, visual merchandiser for multi-brand luxury menswear store Burrows Too, renowned for brands such as Eleventy and Jacob Cohen Jeans. Having lived in Brussels, London and Toronto where she now resides with her daughter, Rose inspires us to make delicate negotiations in life with a spirit of adventure and relentlessness in our pursuit for happiness. Her love for fashion grew as a child watching her mother admiringly. ‘I was definitely inspired by my mum in particular, she wasn’t a fashionista but she loved putting herself together every single day,’ she says. ‘She had a really feminine look to her, a mix of hippy style inspired by the 70’s band Boney M and a slight obsession with the queen of rumba, Congolese female artist M’bilia Bel. She had a really special style but it suited her,’ says Rose. In her journey to find the cleanest cleanses and products to enhance her skin, she launched an online beauty and skincare community called Safi Clean by happenstance during the coronavirus lockdown, where she shares product insights on clean skin care and solving skin solutions with her online community. So much so, that she has qualified as a beautician to add to her expertise. In this edition of My Wrap, My Style, Rose gives us an insight into what the wrap means to her and her new perspective post-pandemic.

Wrap, My Style aims to inspire and encourage women to find infinite possibilities to feel empowered, while asking the most pertinent question: “What Does The Wrap Represent To You?”

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